Professional Photographers of America is a trade organization that helps photographers strengthen their work while also protecting their interests in matters of federal law. One of their major initiatives is to lobby congress to create a small claims system by creating a grassroots action team of photographers. The aim of this campaign is to get photographers to sign up for this action team. I was tasked with redesigning the campaign to something that feels more edgy and urgent in order to appeal to millenials and compel people to sign up for the action team. 


(Portfolio stuff aside, this actually is a very important initiative and is an issue that doesn't just affect photographers, but all visual communicators. The creation of a small claims process is a huge deal and a bill that will do just that has been introduced to the House of Representatives recently. I genuinely would recommend signing up for this action team, which will give you updates and tell you how you can support this bill. You can sign up here!)